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The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted more than a year, and it hasn’t been easy. These are difficult times, and difficulties are expected. But instead of alleviating our pain, the NYU administration aggravated it. We’ve asked for the help and support from our school, and all we’ve gotten are half measures and performative actions. It’s past time for the administration to take a break from planning the development of their next glass box (a.k.a. the 2031 Expansion plan) and start focusing on the students. We pay far too much for this school to give its students far too little.

In recognizing the failures of the administration to address the glaring inequities it perpetuates, and that its students face, the NYU community says “No more.” Next fall: we won’t pay. We resolve to go on a tuition strike until our demands are met. NYU students, a better university is possible if we are willing to stand together and demand it.
1. NYU must alleviate the economic burden on students by reducing the cost of attendance and increasing financial aid.

2. NYU must bargain in good faith with unions on campus around their key demands for improved compensation, benefits, and protections.

3. NYU must commit to equitable expansion of university property in New York City and abroad.

4. NYU must cut ties with the NYPD to protect Black and Brown students, and invest in resources to protect those most vulnerable to police violence.

5. NYU must commit to equitable use of the endowment and transparency of the university’s investments.

A detailed list of our full demands can be found here.
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